Modern Language Aptitude Test – Online (MLAT-O)

Late in 2019, LLTF released an online version of the Modern Language Aptitude Test (MLAT-O). Using an on-line testing platform called Fast Test, developed by Assessment Systems Inc. of Minneapolis, MN.   LLTF developed the MLAT-O, preserving the items from the original MLAT.  Like the Modern Language Aptitude Test, the MLAT-O measures an individual’s aptitude for learning a foreign language. The test can be used to predict success in learning all basic communication skills, but particularly speaking and listening, grammar and vocabulary.

Unfortunately, due to the high stakes nature of the test, we only sell the MLAT to government agencies, missionary groups, and licensed clinical psychologists. We do NOT sell the test to individual researchers, teachers, or students. If you are a qualified individual or organization and would like to order the MLAT, please contact us to initiate your order.

Frequently Asked Questions – And Answers
The MLAT-O is equivalent to the MLAT in most respects.  Thus, if you do not see answers to your questions here, please go to the MLAT page for more information.

Why was the MLAT-O developed?

In 2005-2006, working with CAPP Associates, LLTF developed a computer based version of the MLAT.  However, this initial computer based test required the downloading of software to each individual computer where the test was to be administered.  This aspect of the test turned out to be incompatible with government clients, who were prohibited by internal policies from downloading software to a computer that was connected to a government network.  Thus, this early effort did not serve the needs of one of our main clients.  In the interim, on-line testing became a popular means of delivering tests.  As a result, in 2018 we began working with Assessment Systems Inc. of Minneapolis, MN on the development of an on-line test, through the use of its online test platform called Fast Test.  While the format of the MLAT is quite different from the format of most multiple-choice tests, we were able to overcome problems through modifications within the Fast Test platform.

The MLAT-O provides a unique opportunity to develop and immediately field-test new items for the MLAT.  These new items are designed in accordance with the item-specs that LLTF staff have formulated for the original items of the MLAT.  As new items are developed and validated, LLTF will create additional versions of the MLAT.  By reserving the distribution of one version of the MLAT for high-stakes uses (such as governmental agency selection of employees for intensive language training), it will add to the security of that version while LLTF can distribute the original version of the test for uses that are not high-stakes.

What are the benefits of choosing the MLAT-O over the paper-based version?

There are many benefits to choosing the online version over the paper-and-pencil based MLAT, especially for high volume users.

  • Immediate feedback of scores to examinees.
  • More secure management of test materials and results.
  • Eliminates concern about examinee marking answers out of sequence.
  • Eliminates hand scoring; no more errors in scoring.
  • More rapid correction of mistaken answers than with pencil, paper and eraser.
  • Provides an identical test administration for all examinees.
  • Automatic access to an item-level database on examinee performance.
  • Provides statistical reports on examinee score distributions and groupings including the creation of local norms.
  • Allows for the customization of demographic questionnaires including the ability to ask additional questions of examinees.
  • Periodic refreshing with new items ensures continued validity.
  • Reduction in administration costs for proctoring, setup, scoring, reporting, and filing.