Modern Language Aptitude Test

The Modern Language Aptitude Test (MLAT) measures an individual’s aptitude for learning a foreign language. First published in 1959, the test can be used to predict success in learning all basic communication skills, but particularly speaking and listening. The Modern Language Aptitude Test is now the property of the non-profit entity Second Language Testing Foundation, Inc., who has acquired the rights to the test in order to ensure its continued availability to the second language testing community. Click on the following links to learn more.

Unfortunately, due to the sensitive nature of the test, we only sell the MLAT to government agencies, missionary groups, and licensed clinical psychologists. We do NOT sell the test to individual researchers, teachers, or students. If you are a qualified individual or organization and would like to order the MLAT, please contact us to initiate your order.

Frequently Asked Questions

The MLAT is a secure test – What does that mean?
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What is a language learning disability, and how can the MLAT be used in diagnosing one?
How is the MLAT administered?

How is the MLAT scored and what do the scores mean?
For how long a period of time are MLAT scores valid?
Is it possible to prepare for the test?

What does the MLAT consist of?

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