MLAT-E Part 1


Part 1 of the MLAT-E has 30 items. This part of the MLAT-E requires the ability to associate sounds with symbols and depends somewhat on knowledge of English vocabulary. Each question below has a group of words. The word at the left of the group is not spelled in the usual way. Instead, it is spelled approximately as it is pronounced. The task of the pupil is to recognize the disguised word from the spelling. He or she needs to select one of the four words beside it that corresponds most closely in meaning to the disguised word.

1. wntr





2. klen


 group of people

 a person who rules

 not dirty

3. pensl

 used for writing

 type of boat

 large bird


4. snak

 hard wood

 to tease


 type of shoe

Correct answers to Sample Items for MLAT-E Part 1:

1. wntr is a disguised spelling of winter, which is a season

2. klen is a disguised spelling of clean, which corresponds in meaning to not dirty

3. pensl is a disguised spelling of pencil, which is used for writing

4. snak is a disguised spelling of snake, a kind of reptile