Our Board of Trustees

Daniel J. Reed

Daniel J. Reed (PhD, Indiana University) has served as Head of Testing for the English Language Center (ELC) at Michigan State University (MSU) since 2005. He oversees test administration as well as research and test development in support of MSU’s English exams for incoming international students. Under Dr. Reed’s direction, the ELC provides exams that are used for the following purposes: determining whether international students have met MSU’s English proficiency requirement for admission, placing students into English language classes, and evaluating the spoken English proficiency of graduate students who are non-native speakers of English and candidates for teaching assistant positions. Dr. Reed has played major roles in the development of proficiency tests in more than half a dozen languages and has conducted research on language aptitude and the learning of less commonly taught languages. He also serves on the board of directors for the Language Learning and Testing Foundation. In addition, Dr. Reed, along with ELC Director Dr. Susan Gass, has led the development of a large-scale English language testing program in Greece in collaboration with Anatolia College and the American College of Greece. Dr. Reed helped organize the 2013 MwALT Conference hosted by Michigan State University and has served as MwALT Treasurer since 2014.

Weiping M. Wu

Weiping M. Wu.  From 2001-2020, Dr. Weiping Wu was the director of the Yale-China Chinese Language Center at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.  The Yale-China center has a long history and a full-fledged program for Chinese as a Second Language, with over 50 teachers and staff.   Prior to that he was a test developer at the Center for Applied Linguistics in Washington, DC from 1990-1999 and Director of the Chinese Langauge Testing Program (CLTP) before he left CAL.  He holds a Ph.D. in Linguistics from Georgetown University.   His areas of expertise are language testing, Chinese language teaching, translation and interpretation, and forensic linguistics.   He was a certified State Court Interpreter (English-Chinese) and served as Court Interpreter Examination Program Rater for the National Center for State Courts (NCSC).   He has published in areas related to assessment and sociolinguistics, and has taught and lectured widely at universities in Hong Kong, China and the United States.   He was the principal developer of the self-instructional Rater Training Kit for the Simulated Oral Proficiency Interview in Mandarin, of the Simulated Oral Proficiency Interview in Cantonese, and of the Listening Summary Translation Exam in Southern Min.  Currently, he is Yunshan Professor of Linguistics and Applied Linguistics at the Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, in Guangzhou, China.