There are 45 questions in MLAT Part IV. The following exercise consists of only 4 practice questions. The MLAT questions test recognition, analogy, and understanding of a far greater range of syntactic structures than the 4 sample questions shown here.

In each of the following questions, we will call the first sentence the key sentence. One word in the key sentence will be underlined and printed in capital letters. Your task is to select the letter of the word in the second sentence that plays the same role in that sentence as the underlined word in the key sentence.

Look at the following sample question:

Sample: JOHN took a long walk in the woods.
Children in blue jeans were singing and dancing in the park.

A                        B                    C                    D                     E
You would select “A.” because the key sentence is about “John” and the second sentence is about “children.”

Write down your answers so that you can check them when you are finished.

1. MARY is happy.

From the look on your face, I can tell that you must have had a bad day.
A                    B     C                               D                                   E

2. We wanted to go out, BUT we were too tired.

Because of our extensive training, we were confident when we were out sailing,

A                                                      B                                  C

yet we were always aware of the potential dangers of being on the lake.

D                                            E

3. John said THAT Jill liked chocolate.

In our class, that professor claimed that he knew that girl on the television

A                 B                                       C                      D                E

news show.

4. The officer gave me a TICKET!

When she went away to college, the young man’s daughter wrote him the most

A                                              B                      C

beautiful letter that he had ever received.

D            E
Correct answers to the Sample Questions for MLAT Part IV:

1. C
2. D
3. C
4. D

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